Star Supremacy releases new Trailer

The new trailer from Star Supremacy is out check it out. And don’t forget that Star Supremacy is currently hosting a facebook event.  3 random players will be selected to win a gaming headset once the facebook page reaches 30,000 likes.

There has been many bug fixes and content updates that have been applied to the game since its closed beta launch.  “We encourage players to rate and review the game and send in any feedback they have.  We anticipate a huge increase in user activity once the game launches into open beta.” says Thomas Liu, Senior Business Director.  The game has already witnessed positive reviews from a few gaming sites including and and is getting ready for open beta launch soon. Open beta key giveaways will be coming soon for those who want access to the game.

About Star Supremacy:

Star Supremacy is a free to play massively multiplayer space conquest web game. In the distant future, tensions rise as the limited resources of earth run out. This is the story of the three major human factions while they compete to survive and expand. The game is currently in development and will start its closed beta on 19th Sept 8pm PST, 2011. You can find more information at

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