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Barbily Games has opened its doors to Star Supremacy opened beta yesterday!  For those who want to gain access to the game, Star Supremacy’s giveaway page has a list of various MMO sites giving away keys.   There are a variety of ongoing events happening during open beta.  You can check them out on the open beta events forum thread.  Players who are excited to play the game and create or join an alliance, Star Supremacy is launching the perfect open beta event just for you.  Alliance Rocks is an alliance event that allows players to win B-Credits as well as have a sub-forum created if they join or create an alliance in the first two weeks of open beta.

As the event page notes “Gamers will have the chance to win bonuses, strengthen each alliance and receive many benefits. Don’t hesitate anymore. Join an alliance today in Star Supremacy and seize the opportunity of entering into combat with your alliance mates.”  The event is geared towards players who have ever experienced the feeling of being overpowered by other players in other MMO games.  This event will allow players to merge with other alliances and feel stronger, making new friends and receiving the same benefits that their alliances members will get.

Thomas Liu, Senior Business Director, noted that “We are very excited about this launch.  There are a lot of players out there that enjoy playing browser games as well as sci-fi games.  Putting a sci-fi MMO game into a browser is something we expect a lot of players to enjoy.  We want to be different and unique.  We want Star Supremacy to stand out as a browser-based MMO.  Perhaps an RPG and FPS will be worked on in the near future but for now, we are proud of what Star Supremacy has to offer.  We cater directly to our gamers.”

Are you ready to experience the best browser-based sci-fi game?  Get your open beta code now and register on  You can get your code on various MMO gaming sites.  Check out the giveaway page here.

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