Star Supremacy Christmas Update and new Concept Art

Barbily has released several concept art images of Star Supremacy.  You can find the image links below.  You can also find more images on Star Supremacy’s facebook at

Star Supremacy Christmas Update



Are you wondering now how to get your special resources?

Are you distressed after defeats at the hands of rival alliances?

Are you feeling desire for faster development of your empire?

Our Star Supremacy update “Gemini” will open new worlds with access to rare special resources. New adventures and rewards await for both established and new players.

In the new version, the triplet stars of Shaula, Nunki and Aldebaran have returned together allowing free travel between them. Defend your treasured lands from whoever may invade!

The choice is down to the alliances, will you secure your home Star, conquer the others or seek out new virgin worlds to claim and exploit! Are you ready for the new stars? Are you willing to meet new friends?

Well, it is not always easy to become an overlord in a new star system especially now that the Pirate Lord Brandon has established his dread fleets. Who dares attempt to challenge him to win his treasure! Be warned, Brandon has prepared caches of powerful weapons to use against you.

PS: all our new updates today are gearing towards our exciting end-game destiny, The Colony Starship, which will open up the way to true galactic conquest in the distant “Supremacy Stars”. Prepare your forces and collect as many of the special resources as you can. Strengthen your power and recruit more members into your alliance! Be prepared and eternal glory will be yours to command!

As well as this update, we are launching a Xmas event for you.

Xmas Event,

Santa will appear on the 9 neutral planets at 13:00 and 19:00 server time every day. Each planet only has one Santa who will remain for half an hour. During this time, players need to find out the coordinates of Santa, accept the mission and help Santa to find his sleigh.

The Santa Sleigh is droppable in all nodes. Higher level nodes have higher drop rates. If you find more sleds than you need, auction them to other players. Players will be awarded a Xmas Stocking after they finish the mission. There are Xmas presents and unique festive equipment to be found!

PS: Look out for this Special Equipment, Santa’s Bell (Pink)

Moreover, we would like to share with you the main updates list for our new version Gemini

  • Players who have a commander higher than level 15 can trade and travel between Shaula, Nunki and Aldebaran.
  • The two new stars Castor and Pollux. Players who have a commander higher than level 35 can go to colonize and harvest special resources. You will also find new challenges here with resource nodes up to level 9!
  • Pirate Lord Brandon and his Corsairs. Successfully defeating Brandon will earn can earn you the Pirate Treasure Box. Open it! These boxes contain a large number of powerful artifacts and equipment. You can also auction them for B-Creds!
  • Add new shop item Atmospheric Generator, which has the same function as level 10 Atmospheric Generator once used. If you are completely stuck for space and cannot wait to research it, this item gives you the freedom!
  • You can also now Terraform your colony to open new space if you lack the resources to upgrade your Colony Hub or Commercial Centre.
  • There is a new Advanced Trade Token item that provides the advanced containment necessary to buy special resources from other players or your faction.
  • We’ve added a new player boost where any commander under level 10 will automatically recover some energy after battle.
  • Many new equipment items have been added to find in the new planets!
  • To make things simpler, we have added the ability to instantly complete construction without having to use lots of separate items.
  • Commanders are now able to retreat even when engaged in battle. But they will lose all energy as well as 25% of their ships and fighters. Don’t forget to send leaders into battle with friends to allow easier retreat!
  • Added a new “Search” button in Trade Platform to make it easier to find what you need.


Two original game functions are adjusted in this version,

● The game’s tutorial process and tasks have been updated.

● The Longevity Token will no longer change commander’s name and image.

Us developers of Star Supremacy aim at making the game a fair one. As long as you pay close attention, you will experience more game-play features as our game improves. We would like to thank all of our players for providing your useful feedback to all that we have done. Please log in Star Supremacy right now. The most thrilling and perfect feelings are in Star Supremacy. Thanks to all your long term support, and have a merry Xmas!

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