Shaiya Phoenix: The Legend Reborn

Shaiya Phoenix is the newest addition to the Aeria Games catalog, offering the core features and amazing gameplay that made Shaiya a rousing success in 2008, but re-imagined with rebalanced game systems and a fresh economy structure.

“Our effort to revitalize a truly beloved IP is one that we’re confident our fans will appreciate,” said Executive Producer Spencer Tucker. “In Shaiya Phoenix, players will engage with a plethora of familiar characters and environments that are seamlessly integrated with a host of new elements. This new epic experience truly carries the legacy set by the original game.”

The fresh, unconquered territories give players the ability to start from the ground up and play at their own pace. Both old and new players alike will be able to make their mark on even footing in a new Shaiya world brimming with endless possibilities.

Key features of the exciting new world:

  • Relive the Glory Days: Experience the world of Shaiya from the beginning alongside your peers
  • Newly Rebalanced: Exciting gameplay and thrilling PvP on equal terms
  • Fresh Economy: No gold inflation or market imbalance
  • Playat Your Own Pace:Battle casually, or grind for real power

As an added bonus, the first 25,000 players to enter the game will receive a special exclusive welcome package that includes a free mount and powerful items to assist players early on.

You can read the whole features and improvements in the official game thread here.

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