RunSanity iOS Reveals Arcade Mode Video and Details

New Video Featuring Zee, The Bronx And The Arcade Mode

Heliceum today released a new video for its kick-ass social and competitive game RunSanity. This new trailer shows for the first time the gameplay of the Arcade Mode, as well as brand new character Zee tearing along the Bronx. RunSanity is headed to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad later this month, and will be fully compatible and optimized for the brand new iPhone 5!

RunSanity is a full-featured game with huge replay value, offering five different improvable characters playable with their own features, 20+ levels, 3 game modes, crazy achievements, tons of power-ups and funny outfits! RunSanity is a unique mobile experience thanks to the Challenge Mode, which allows you to take on your friends not only through leaderboards, but also directly and instantly through your favorite social network.

Thanks to the unique “Ghost System”, you can pick a friend via Facebook and instantly send the ghost of your character playing the race amidst his or her screen – and bet on your victory with your in-game currency. By accepting this challenge, your friend-turned-foe will compete with the ghost of your character featuring the race you just played. 100% adrenalin guaranteed!

Heliceum is already known for Faker$ – the million download picture FX app – and Human Defense, a unique Tower Defense game set in the human body.

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