RiotZone Announces October Updates And Events

Mail.Ru Games, publisher of internationally successful online games such as Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, Allods Online and Gunblade Saga, is really turning up the heat on players of the action-packed online strategy game RiotZone. It all kicks off in the second week of October, with extra battle rewards. From the middle of October on, it’s one event after another, from PVP events, to epic confrontations. The glorious finale will be the eagerly-awaited opening of the Auction House.

The Face of the Enemy

From the middle of the month, mercenaries can look forward to a new daily mission and PVP battle. Here’s a highlight from the latter: The infamous faction leaders, who usually prefer to pull the strings from behind the scenes, will step out of the shadows and take command of their troops in person for this strategically important battle. What’s more, two other events promise exciting stories, extra rewards, and other high-tech upgrades for brand-new items that will be introduced to the game. Cunning commanders can also sell surplus munitions in the Auction House that will be opening soon, or get hold of the rare upgrades they need there themselves.

Fight for a Good Cause

In the MMO RiotZone, two competing organizations go up against the rule of the cruel Dictator. The fighters of the Scarlet Alliance, who want to establish the rule of the people, and the Crown Coalition, which stands for a cool-headed, rational approach. As commander of a mercenary squad, the player enters the service of one of these organizations. You’ll have to intercept convoys, set up ambushes, and target the Dictator’s entourage in order to weaken the regime. Alongside all that, the followers of the enemy faction need to be kept in check. After all, when the Dictator falls, the right people need to come to power. There’s no time to rest, not even between battles. Commanders have to build up the camp and train their units, keeping track of their finances, and making new munitions. From level 5, players have access to a wide range of exciting PvP features, such as gathering resources, group battle, or raids behind enemy lines. The outcome of the multi-player battle determines who will take control of the game zone.

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