Reality Squared Games Launches new Crystal Saga Servers

Reality Squared Games Launches New Affiliate System along with new Crystal Saga Servers

March 14, 2012 – Reality Squared Games — It’s the middle of March and Crystal Saga has been busy with updates.  With the launch of Reality Squared Games new affiliate system comes new servers for Crystal Saga.  Sukemo Bluff, a new PvP server set in PST (West) as well as Mount Nubina, a PvE server set in EST (East) are now open.

The anticipated Rebirth system is now live along with several bug fixes.

[Patch Notes] 2/15/2012 Server Update

Content Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple occurrences of non-English text in the requirements or prompts of the marriage system.
  • Unified the description and title for the achievement “Lightning Rod”
  • Fixed a timing issue that allowed players to prematurely enter the SotF (Survival of the Fittest) battleground.
  • Resolved a problem with the final transport point in Survival of the Fittest.
  • Fixed a problem with the quest requirements for “Demise of the Abyss (Optional)”
  • Added an option to the Guild Management Officer NPC menu that will allow a player to reset their guild skills. By default guild skills do not reset when you leave a guild, however, some players may wish to reset before joining a new guild. Reset effects ALL guild skills, so use with caution.
  • Fixed a typo in the quest description of “Get Back in Line! (Valentine)”
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users who recharged a total of 60,000 crystal from retrieving their cupid pet.
  • Adjusted the item “Wedding Candy” so it can be used 10 times a day instead of 5.
  • Fixed an icon display problem for two high level Rogue skills.

Ongoing Promotions

  • “It Pays to Consume: Valentine’s Edition” – More Info
  • “Recharge Rewards for All!” – More Info

Ongoing Activities

  • “Valentine’s Day Rose Competition” – More Info
  • “Valentine’s Day Forum Post” – More Info
  • “Share the Facebook Love” – More Info
  • “Crystal Saga Facebook Race” – More Info
  • “Valentine’s Free Lunch” – More Info
  • “Close Encounters of the BOSS Kind Part II” – More Info
  • “Valentine’s Day Clothes” – More Info
  • “Valentine’s Chocolate Fun” – More Info
  • “A Rose of A Holiday” – More Info
  • “Valentine’s Day Card Exchange” – More Info

Check out the News and Events for more events that came with each server launch.  Events repeat themselves so players always have a chance to prove their strength against bosses and high level mobs.

As always, we have a bunch of new activities, promotions and content updates in the works. Stay tuned to our forums, Facebook page and Twitter feed for more info! Visit for more info!

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