Odin Quest OBT server

YouJoy.com just released its first server of “S1 Genesis” of Odin Quest on 17:00 Aug. 7, 2012 PDT. Invite your friends to play this awesome MMORPG and create your supremacy with you mates now!

Youjoy is an online browser game platform aiming to provide free and fun games to players around the world. Youjoy was established by Dragonsmeet, which was founded on the belief that fun should be accessible to everyone. And online entertainment is increasingly becoming the place people look to have fun; Youjoy.com was created to make this belief a reality.

Odin Quest is an MMORPG with its story based on Nordic Myth. Join the mysterious ancient world, explore the forgotten dungeons and become a legend for after ages to remember!

As we know, strength is one of the important elements to create your supremacy and conquer the whole world. But how do you prove yourself and show your strength? You can join the Arena, in which you can PK everyone and only the strongest can obtain bountiful awesome rewards. Another one is Battlefield, in which you will be assorted randomly to one camp of Blue and Red. You will fight with your mates against players in Rival Camp. The winners will get more rewards and honor titles.

There are also other interesting plays you can participate with your friends. You can escort your alliance members or friends to prevent them from others’ robbery. Participate with other alliance members to challenge alliance dungeon to obtain the exp and other rewards. You can also challenge other interesting dungeons in team to have more fun as your level up. Hurry up to invite your friends to challenge dungeons here and share more fun with them.

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