Like Star Supremacy on Facebook and Win a Gaming Headset!

To help promote their recently launched browser-based sci-fi MMORTS, Star Supremacy, Barbily Games has announced an event for their facebook page that will allow gamers a chance to win their very own Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat!  If their facebook page reaches 30,000 likes, 3 randomly selected players will win the gaming headset.  “This is a new event that we just came up with and I think it’s fantastic.  Most gamers out there have a headset…it’s an accessory that enhances the overall gaming experience.  It’s optional to have one but it’s just great to have in your possession and we are giving everyone a n opportunity to win one!” says Thomas Liu, Senior Business Director for Barbily Games.


The results from the 10 thousand B-Credits challenge, which ended last Sunday have been recently announced.  According to a forum post, the Legends Alliance won 1st place with 106 points, Sstar-SF in 2nd place with 69 points, and Army of 1 in 3rd place with 1 point.  50 B-Credits for every point earned by each alliance will be distributed amongst each alliance member.

Another event has begun which will end this Sunday.  Details are below:

You have shown skill in fleet management and warfare over a single planet. But can you show your skill in leadership?

Each day this week, at midnight PST the leader ranking will be frozen.

One point will be awarded for each leader you own in the top 100, 2 for leaders in the top 30 and 4 for leaders in the top 10!

In addition, the owner of the leader with the best Charisma, Efficiency, Ingenuity, Tactics and Financier will each recieve an additional 5 points, 2nd place 3 points and 3rd place 2 points

Each point earned will translate into 4 B-Creds for the live game allowing you to clock up over 5000 more B-Creds!

This competition is open game for anyone to compete as currently a particularly strong level 20 leader even makes the grade. Equip your leaders well and get them up the ranks. The power you can gain now will be very important in the battles to come!

Please check out the official website for more information, announcements, and events as Star Supremacy launches or follow us on Twitter at!/Star_Supremacy and Facebook,  You can also follow us on Raptr at

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