Kartuga To Be Presented At gamescom

Next week, InnoGames presents a first look at the upcoming 3D title, Kartuga, for European visitors at gamescom. The big-budget browser game, developed by Hamburg-based Ticking Bomb Games, is a pirate MMOG focusing on cooperative PvP gameplay. www.kartuga.com  gives players a peek into its stylized fantasy world with screenshots and a feature list.

The game was first announced this past June at E3 in Los Angeles. With all-new environments and features, InnoGames looks forward to showcasing Kartuga’s high-end graphics for the first time to European audiences.

Kartuga players choose one of three customizable classes of ships to sail through a series of quests and missions. The ingenious battle system, along with a strong focus on cooperative PvP, guarantees long lasting fun.

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