Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead update, unlocks new content

Joymax revealed today the next major content patch for their popular World War II game with a zombie twist, Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead.  Developed by Dragonfly, the creators behind Quake Wars Online and Soldier of Fortune Online, these veterans of the gaming industry have pulled together a huge amount of additions for KARMA, which will add a new layer of depth to the shooter genreTo jump straight into the bullet-heavy action, or learn more about the game, players can visit http://www.joymax.com/karma/

Several new maps will be joining the already impressive pool of options, each focusing on a different area of the game.  Included is a new “Rescue” map aimed towards melee combat, alongside “Crete” as both a Demolition map and a Team Death Match.  Joining the new areas are two additional characters: Ju-Deock joins the auspicious Allies, while Yamamoto is now a member of the Axis team.  These characters both have a new combination of strengths and weaknesses that will be easy to learn but difficult to master!

For those looking for a new weapon, the Desert Eagle and the AWP LE have been added to the Silk Shop.  Many items already in the shop have seen an overhaul including changes in stats and/or prices, including equipment sets, the throwing weapons pack, a character reinforcement set, and more.  The shooting range has also seen a shuffle in currently available weapons to test, with the addition of the AK-47 and the M16A2, while waving goodbye to the CAMO AVS-36, Beretta M92F and the AWP.

Last but not least, KARMA is unleashing a variety of events running throughout November and December.  These include “Countries with Most Assists”, the “Silver Rush” and “Predomination”, where players are challenged to see who can be the king of the new maps added as part of this patch.  If you think you have what it takes, suit up and watch for results of all these events to be posted on the official KARMA Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/KarmaPOD

Developed in conjunction with Dragonfly, and published by Joymax, KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead is the newest installment in the KARMA Online series, the top online first-person shooter series in Korea. Players go back in time to World War II, where they must choose to side with the Axis or Allied powers and join the fight for global victory – with a zombie twist.  In this virtual and historical simulation, players will be up against enemy troops as well as hundreds of the walking dead from the remains of the catastrophic battle. KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead will be available in English, German, Spanish and Turkish.