Idle Worship Preview – Official Trailer

Idle Worship is a god game, (technically it’s a polytheistic god game) where you try to build the largest religion of friends, strangers, and the rather dim indigenous population called Mudlings.

Artistically & technically, we at Idle Games® are doing things that have never been attempted on Facebook and we’ve got the 5 patents to prove it.

Besides having art and animation that is second to none on Facebook, Idle Worship® allows you to play synchronously, meaning together with friends & strangers, all in real time.

Idle Worship® also features a completely “unsharded” universe which is just a fancy way of saying … no matter what server you are on, you can still play in real-time with everyone.

Idle Worship® – rule over millions as the god of facebook.
(Narcissists Welcome)

About Idle Games

Idle Games® has built the Idle Engine, a massively distributed simulation platform designed to provide an unsharded game world with patent-pending synchronous and asynchronous social game mechanics. We’ve also created the worlds’ first polytheistic god game with exploding bunnies.

Until now, social games haven’t realized the promise of being truly “social”. Idle Games® is changing that via products inextricably and uniquely integrated into the social graph.

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