Hero Commander

Hero Commander is a turn-based strategy game where you recruit a legion of heroes to battle your opponents.

[Ultimate Chess Board Combat]
In each game, pit yourself against 4 other players in this war of tactics. Recruit heroes of the same class for synergy bonus, manage your resource efficiently to accumulate gold, and position your heroes strategically to beat your opponents!

[Master different play styles]
There is a playstyle for everyone! Gather assassins to obliterate your opponent, or put up an impenetrable defense with warriors. Experiment with different play styles and master your favorite! 

[Dominate enemies with strategy and skill]
Recruit the right heroes, watch your opponents, and prepare counters to their army. There is no perfect army, adapt and strategize your way to victory! 

[Hassle-free download and install]
The compact game client allows you to download, install and play within minutes! No unnecessary hassle!

Google Play:

APK: https://mega.nz/#!fKwGgA7Y!uocSNW-u6cCUSaC2XnEuiEouRskiWCct4EQmwkUGpTk

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