Expansion: Zombies Online!

The Zombies have taken over Dawnbreak! We are extremely proud and happy to announce the first huge expansion to Zombies Online! This is a major overhaul to the game, continuing the story that have been building up about the test facility that blew up on the secret island, the virus that has been spreading to the Dawnbreak island and now finally has spread all over the place. Beware of the new “inhabitants” of the city, as they are meaner and more aggressive than any of the mobs you have encountered before.

This update comes with updates to skills & crafting, fixes, massive amount of new content, new sounds etc. but one thing I wanted to point out is that we now have add-ons for melee weapons, and special bullets for the ranged weapons! They are so freaking cool and super powerful. So how to obtain them? You need to travel either to the Maze Pit or Pirate Bay, get the new missions and as a reward you get the plans for them. You simply have to give’em a wham!

Another thing I want to point out is that since this update is so huge, you should expect some balancing & tuning in the upcoming updates for all items, crafting, pricing etc. We think we are on the right track but you never know.. Now on with the yummy and chummy release-notes:

Big New Features:

  • Zombies Online introduced

Content Updates:

  • New starting flow
  • Around 100 new missions for all level players
  • The game-world is zombiefied
  • New sound effects and music

Other Improvements:

  • Some exploits fixed
  • Whole areas now require the Beta Key of Awesomeness
  • Players are no longer able to jump servers inside PvP’s while in battle
  • The “Travel There” button in mission dialogues disabled
  • Increased the maximum size of the inventory (now 51 slots)
  • Kick from group behavior changed to avoid loot-kickers
  • New web layout

Game Balance Tweaks:

  • Base Attribute changes
    • Base health for player classes increased
    • Hostile NPCs health increased
    • Weapon base damage increased
    • Doctors base armor increased
    • Health / Energy regeneration speed increased for player classes
  • Skills
    • Skills re-designed for better group dynamics
    • Doctor’s Poison Bullet changed to Mend (heal over time)
    • Damage decrease throughout all skills
    • Bodyguard skills cause more threat
  • Crafting and Items
    • Crafting time decreased to two seconds in most items
    • New class-specific consumable items for damage dealing introduced
    • Super Bullet, Poison Bullet and Piercing Bullet (Doctor, Hunter)
    • Modified Haft, Exploding Add-on, Cyanide Surprise (Bodyguard)
    • New plans can be gotten for free by talking to Alton at Pirate Bay or Eric at Maze Pit.
    • Old craft able, consumable items removed
    • Medikits replaced with more powerful Bandages
    • Energy Drinks restore more energy

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the 5, 6 and 7 player group exploit

Zombies Online Version 1.1.21 patch update

Game Balance Tweaks:

  • Increased Bodyguards base armor
  • Increased Mend HoT power
  • For most level 30 bosses, decreased the number of mobs spawning during boss fights
  • Boss skills are more balanced
  • Diamond gear improved
  • Elite re-spawn time increased (to 45 minutes)
  • Cash plans are now cheaper
  • Most consumable combat items changed from diamond items to cash items
  • Ingredient rates for bolts increased throughout all the levels
  • Ingredients are cheaper to buy with diamonds
  • Bolts and Fabric Facebook request posts enabled

Bug Fixes:

  • Ingredients on Migraine are fixed
  • Level up automatically unlocks some weapon, gear and accessories plans again

Content Updates:Some diamond gear got variable textures

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