Free Counterfire OBT Kicks off

Gamebox’s Free Counterfire(side-scrolling shooter)just launched its first official server on Aug.6. It brings players the childhood fun with diversified fighting modes, rewards, quests. With over 10 operations, 3 modes, 200 weapons and 50 skills, players can enjoy the fun of boasting personal shooting skills.


Do you still remember your first time playing with NES? Do you miss the fun of Contra and Mental Slug? The new browser-based MMO shooter Free Counterfire is pretty much the upgraded version of them with amazing maps and play modes, hundreds of weapons, and of course, millions of players all over the world. It’ll definitely remind you of the happy days in childhood.


Aiming to bring players the childhood fun, Free Counterfire diversifies its fighting modes, rewards, quests and etc. With over 10 operations (Deep in Jungle, Global Operation, Save the Beauty etc.), 3 modes (Boss Challenging, Survival and Zombies mode), 200 weapons and 50 skills, you can enjoy the fun of boasting personal shooting skills and immerse yourself in teamwork.


It’s easy to understand why players identify their childhood fun in this game. “We’re gonna make it the best side-scrolling shooting game where players can have fun in their spare online time”, says Gamebox, developer of the game.

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