Farm Kingdom Launches Mushrooms And Quabble Update

Hamburg, February 22, 2012. Mail.Ru Games, publisher of internationally successful online games like War of Dragons, Allods Online, Juggernaut and Gunblade Saga is launching the first major update for the social game Farm Kingdom: now players can compete against each other in two exciting mini-games – “Mushrooms” and “Quabble”.

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In the woods

If you want to relax from your daily toil you can take a trip to the nearby forest. Here Farmers get a chance not only to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also to collect something that thrives in the forest: Mushrooms. Hidden off the beaten track, under trees and bushes, Chanterelles, Russulas, and many others are waiting to be collected. It is a matter of chance whether you need to collect certain fungi in a certain period of time, or fungi in a given sequence.

“Quabble” – the dice must roll!

In addition to having great fun picking mushrooms, there is now another way to pass the time until your next harvest: Those who leave their house and farm to make a trip to the new market place will find a large colorful tent in the city. Here you will encounter a very different kind of diversion: At the gaming table a Farmer can challenge the computer or other players to a game of “Quabble”. The aim of this dice game is to inflict as much damage on the opponent as possible and force them to their knees. For this, it is necessary to get the best combination with the six sides of the dice: Swords inflict damage, Hearts restore life points. The four elements can be collected and used to cast powerful spells.

Weekly competitions and ratings for all occupations

So far, only diligent anglers have participated in a weekly competition. Whoever topped the rankings for a week could expect a very generous reward. Now self-proclaimed master chefs, mining kings, and the best “Quabble” strategists and tacticians, as well as the fastest mushroom collectors, can compete against each other. Whoever wants to see their name on the leaderboard should start right away!

About Farm Kingdom

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