Einherjar The Viking’s Blood – Odin event

The free Online MMORPG Einherjar has just launched a new in-game event called “Tribute to Odin”.

From 2 to 9 May 14:00 (SGT or GMT+8), there will be a competition of collecting Odin’s Eyes to pay tribute to the greatest God Odin. This is a new in-battle effect item in Einherjar for increasing a character’s Intelligence by 5 points.

Players can get it when defeating enemies at the following maps: Black Forest, Shetland Islands, and The Mountains of Fog Giant.

But do not hurry to use it yet. Three leaders with the most eyes will be rewarded as below:

–          1st place: Old Spear + 30000 gold

–          2nd place: Old Axe + 20000 gold

–          3rd place: Old Rapier + 10000 gold

–          Other participants: 10000 gold

Please note that players must collect at least 3 Odin’s Eyes to be qualified for this event.  And do not equip it before the result announcement time. The game system will automatically track players’ logs after the event period to determine the winners.

The result will be announced on 9 May and the prizes will be distributed after the maintenance on the same day is completed.

[source: Official Press Release]

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