Einherjar News Release

Protect the Earth together

Earth is the homeland of humanity; however, the rapid expansion of territories has been deteriorating the global state of the environment over the past years. To raise the awareness about environmental protection, the international community has decided to make 22 April each year the Earth Day.

And to join this annual occasion, KBMJ, the producer of Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood has created an interesting Earth-theme event for all of their players. Anyone logging in the game on 22 April 2012 will get some small gifts, including 150 wood, 150 iron, 150 stone.

In addition, there will be 3 new quests for players to complete from 18 to 25 April 14:00 (SGT or GMT+8). Those can be accessed in the “sub quest” section at the bar in Hedeby city. The requirements and rewards are as below.

–          Defeat 50 Ogres -> Rewards: 15000 gold + Earth Chain

–          Defeat 50 Jutons -> Rewards: 20000 gold + Earth Chain

–          Defeat 50 Imps (Little Devil) -> Rewards: 25000 gold + Earth Chain

Earth Chain is a special armor newly made for this momentous event. Please note that the above quests will expire after the event period ends and can be done 1 time only. And the rewards will be distributed during the game’s weekly maintenance on 25 April.

Great chances of summoning heroes and braves

Heroes and braves are two crucial factors contributing to any conquering armies in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood, the latest browser-based game from KBMJ. It is the reason why they have decided to make this week easier for players to strengthen their forces.

From 18 to 25 April 14:00 (SGT or GMT+8), the rate of summoning heroes and braves will be increased as below.

–          Summon rate doubled for heroes and braves with Job level 2.

–          Summon rate tripled for heroes with Job level 3.

It is recommended that players should not miss this great chance to obtain for themselves a large number of elite warriors.


Information about KBMJ:

KBMJ is a corporation specialized in developing Internet systems and services. They have participated in the web game market since 2010 and are creating many new games with nearly 11 years of experience in the web industry.

Website: http://www.kbmj.com/en

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