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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Einherjar

Tokyo, Japan – 9 May 2012 – Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. And KBMJ, the producer of their latest turn-based webgame called Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood would also like to share that spirit in the game world.

The event from 9 to 16 May (SGT or GMT+8) will focus on that maternal theme. If players have any female characters that have given birth at least one time, remember to log in Einherjar on 13 May to have those female ones’ LP maximized again.

Moreover, KBMJ will choose randomly 50 female characters that had children to give them one of the following items: Odin Emblem, Thor Emblem, and Freya Emblem (random again). These will be distributed during the event period.

And please note that all characters in cold sleep throughout this time will not be counted.

Let’s join a guild in Einherjar!

Tokyo, Japan – 10 May 2012 – KBMJ, the producer of Einherjar The Viking’s Blood, has just announced their latest event called Let’s join a guild! in order to encourage more players to adventure in guilds and strengthen the bonds of guild members.

If players are in a guild of over 8 members and they own at least 1 character at over level 15 before maintenance on 16 May 2012 (SGT or GMT+8), they will be rewarded 1 Mana Ring, 5000 gold, and 250 silver. Moreover, if all members of that guild have 1 character at the said level, each member will receive randomly 1 Proof of Warrior.

It is recommended that players don’t fight alone anymore, instead join a guild to fight side by side. Or players can create their own guild at the temple and start recruiting new members.

Those rewards will be distributed during the Wednesday maintenance 16 May 2012.

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