DoubleClutch 2

Please enjoy the basketball game lightly with the feeling of playing in the arcade!
Play a realistic basketball game with smoother motions and dazzling moves!
With a simple operation, you can do a great job of steel, spin-move, block, and dunking like a real NBA game!

You can use a variety of skills, including layups and stepback jumpers that you didn’t have before!
Challenge the tournament with eight teams from the individual lineup!
Choose the team you want, such as [Los Angeles], [Toronto], [Philadelphia]!
Conquer the tournament and win the glory cup! The spotlight is yours!

※Game Features※
– Better graphics than the previous work, realistic and realistic character motion!
– Enjoy the game easily anywhere with simple operation!
– Meet 8 unique teams waiting for you!

※How to play※
1. You can play the tournament mode by selecting one of the eight prepared teams.
2. The tournament aims to win the final championship by selecting one of eight teams.
3. Each team has different stats, so choose a team that suits your play type.
4. There are 4 quarters per game, and the quarter duration can be adjusted directly from [Options].