Digimon Masters: Return of the Data Squad

Leap Into A Fantastic Story of Teamwork, Trials And Triumphs!

Joymax, announced today an invitation to its fans to enjoy the continued story in their online massive multiplayer title, Digimon Masters.  A fantastic universe where our world and the Digital World are closer than anyone would have imagined is about to change in ways never expected!  Digimon Masters continues the story and heightened sense of urgency found in the Digimon anime.

Leap into a fantastic story of teamwork, trials and triumphs.  Take on the role of Marcus, Thomas, or Yoshino with their partners Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon as they fight to protect their world from disaster.  Intrigue abounds as mysterious forces push from both the real and Digital Worlds that threatens to topple the peace accord between the two.  With a fourth tamer, Keenan and his Digimon sidekick Falcomon and a host of new enemies escaping out into the real world, the Digital Accident Tactics Squad (DATS), alongside the 8 Royal Knights of the Digimon World, will have to be in top shape to protect the innocent – on both sides.  Follow the story as Marcus searches for his father, who left for the Digital World years ago; as Thomas searches for the cure to his sister’s deadly illness; as Yoshino searches for her true self while putting aside doubt and accepting her role both in DATS and her family.
“Players have marveled that playing Digimon Masters is like stepping straight into an episode of the anime” said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO at Joymax.  “We’re pleased that we were able to translate this warm feeling into a game and we pledge to continue with this theme moving forward, with updates throughout the next year that will have our DATS members jumping for joy – and their Digimon will be hopping too!”

All of this is in addition to the Holiday event which is going on now through January 10th, which introduced two new Digi-Egg Mercenaries including UlforceVeedramon, a worldwide exclusive to the global version of Digimon Masters, alongside WarGreymon!  Maps are still decorated with all the trimmings of the season, and players will enjoy their time in a virtual wonderland alongside their faithful companions, the Digimon and humans from DATS, just like in the anime.
Digimon are well known all over the globe as part of the famous Japanese TV animation series.  Digimon Masters is the first ever 3D online game based on the Digimon universe with more than 1,000 characters featured from seasons 1 through 5 of the series. Not only is it faithful to the art design, Digimon Masters closely follows the original story that will satisfy both loyal fans of the series as well as the average gamer. The game seamlessly combines pet training simulation with role-playing elements to deliver a one of a kind gaming experience. Featuring real-time combat, Gamers will be thrilled with the challenges brought forth by real-time combat which requires quick thinking and good reflexes. Players can also become one of 8 Royal Knights. Royal Knights are Digimon who are in charge of each area in the Digital World. Leaders of a guild that conquers one of these areas can become a Royal Knight who has the right to impose taxes along with other perks and obligations.

To get the latest information and regular contests for amazing prizes, players are encouraged to follow the official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/digimonmasters  Players can also check out more details at http://twitter.com/dmojoymax/

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