Defense Zone: HD Resolution for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The creators of Defense Zone HD, a popular Tower Defense game, have announced the release of its updated version for iOS. It features a new cross-platform game engine that makes blasts, smoke and other visual effects look more realistic. HD resolution is now available not only for iPad2, but also for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Defense Zone HD is a spectacular Tower Defense game that combines addictive gameplay with realistic graphics in HD quality. The player´s task is typical for this genre: to block enemy´s advance with the help of strategically placed turrets. However, the chief advantage of Defense Zone over other similar games is its perfect balance of weaponry, resources and enemy´s resilience. Each attack is generated by a special algorithm that makes it more challenging than the previous one, so that the player is never bored. Moreover, Defense Zone boasts beautiful detailed landscapes that look really stunning in HD resolution.

As for the newly released version, it is remarkable for two important updates. The first one is that Defense Zone HD is now compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod (the previous HD resolution version supported only iPad2). Owners of all these devices can enjoy the fine graphics while mastering Tower Defense tactics and strategy.

The second update is a new cross-platform game engine that improves the picture and reduces the memory footprint from 160 MB down to 70 MB. It is possible to compare the visuals “before” and “after” in YouTube trailers (the links are given below). In the updated version the battle is much more impressive – fire, blasts and smoke look extremely realistic.

In general, Defense Zone is strongly recommended for both novices and experts in Tower Defense genre. The difficulty settings offer three modes: very easy, easy and hard.

Defense Zone for Mac has been released as well.


– HD resolution, detailed backdrops and impressive visuals;
– new cross-platform game engine;
– addictive gameplay with balanced levels;
– weapons with different characteristics;
– varied landscape;
– strategic thinking involved;
– OpenFeint supported;
– rated 12+.

Defense Zone Videos

Pricing and Availability

Defense Zone HD for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad2 and iPod touch. The full version costs 2.99 USD; the Lite version is free of charge.


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