Crystal Saga Opens up 32nd Server with new activities to start February

February 7, 2012 – Reality Squared Games — February is here and with the first week already passed, Valentine’s day is now approaching.  Reality Squared Games opens up a new server (servers 30 and 31 were opened at the end of January) to start February off with some new activities.

The Rebirth system which was recently implemented now has an FAQ posted here.

The 32nd server, “The Necropolis”, will be the newest server to Crystal Saga and will be a PvE server.  You can check out the announcement thread here.

New updates and activities have been added and can be seen here:

  • A second instance has been added to the Sengolia Battlefield.
  • Bug fixes have been made
  • Combo packs and other activities added.

Twitter users! Those who use Twitter will have a chance to earn prizes by tuning in to the twitter feed for Crystal Saga in the new “Tweet Your Way to Prizes” activity.
More activities to this month as Valentine’s Day approaches!

For more information, check out the official Crystal Saga Facebook Page. As always, we launch a bunch of new activities promotions to go along with this update. Visit for more info!

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