Content and Gameplay Updates Moving Fast in Star Supremacy

Suzhou, China – September 29, 2011 – Barbily Games has been making tremendous updates to its browser-based sci-fi MMO, Star Supremacy.  Closed beta is now heading into its second week of closed beta and players are indulging in the multitude of content updates and events currently in the game.

Content updates have included in-game localization fixes as well as minor gameplay updates.  Gameplay features such as alliance research, item trading, and an improved in-game tutorial are planned to be released in the coming days.  The developers have been working around the clock to make sure bugs are being fixed and player feedback is taken to the highest consideration.

Thomas Watson, Public Relations Manager for Barbily, says “Star Supremacy is indeed one of the most intriguing and unique sci-fi games I have ever seen on a browser.  From the way things are going, the game has great potential for success..even the players agree!  Star Supremacy will make RTS fans hooked to their computer screens.  We’ve got an awesome facebook event coming next week so be prepared when we release the announcement for that.”

Please check out the official website for more information, announcements, and events as Star Supremacy launches or follow us on Twitter at!/Star_Supremacy and Facebook,  You can also follow us on Raptr at

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