3 News Events on Einherjar: The Viking Blood

Appirits, the Japanese developer of Einherjar The Viking’s Blood has just announced their new event called “More Bloods, more gifts” for their players from 18 to 25 July (SGT or GMT+8).

During the event period, if players can obtain a Blood of Odin/Thor/Freya by summoning at the square, using the reincarnation feature and having children through marriage, they will receive the following gifts for their efforts: 1 Dark Ring + 1 Dark Chain + 1 Runic Proof.

Please note that players can get those gifts multiple times as long as they manage to get the new bloods within the said duration.

God Bloods are very effective to develop a Viking warrior, so Appirits wish players good luck of getting more bloods and more gifts in this event.

Seize the new colonial fort for more glory and trophies in Einherjar

After releasing several major updates in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood, the game developer Appirits has just announced a new in-game contest from 20 to 23 July 2012 (SGT or GMT+8) to celebrate the new colonial fort at Muspellheim map.

During the colonial war time, in addition to the default rewards for guilds seizing the new fort, there will more gifts for members of the winning guilds as below.

–          Owning guild: 500 tribute points for the guild; 5 Dark Steel, 5 Mithril Ore, 5 Orichalcon Ore for each member

–          1st guild: 300 tribute points for the guild; 4 Dark Steel, 4 Mithril Ore, 4 Orichalcon Ore for each member

–          2nd guild: 200 tribute points for the guild; 3 Dark Steel, 3 Mithril Ore, 3 Orichalcon Ore for each member

–          3rd guild: 100 tribute points for the guild; 2 Dark Steel, 2 Mithril Ore, 2 Orichalcon Ore for each member

Please note that one guild can claim prizes of one category only, i.e. if players are in the owning guild, they cannot get the prizes prepared for other guilds.

Appirits recommends players all to try hard to gain the first glory at the brand new colonial fort and claim their fame in the world of Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood.

New skills and colonial fort in Einherjar

After the maintenance on 18 July 2012, players’ Viking units will be able to learn the following skills:

  • Magic Break: Disable the enemy’s magic resist ability
  • Triple Attack: Attack three times consecutively
  • Darkness Attack: Increase damage when attack from behind
  • Lightning Speed: Suppress enemy’s counterattack, with high hit rate
  • Bow Counterattack: Counter-attack by bow

Together with those updated skills, there will be a new challenge for players in the weekly colonial war time: Fort of Surt, the most ancient fort in the world! It was built in the Fire Kingdom of MuspelHeim.

Besides those two new updates, Appirits will also implement a new change in game mechanics to limit guild hopping for Colonial Wars. Specifically, for 7 days after joining a new guild,  players will not be able to participate in the weekly Colonial War. This new rule will be applied after the maintenance today is completed. Therefore, players joining guilds before the maintenance time will still be able to engage in the colonial war of this week (20 July 2012).

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