Zomber Squad Begins Closed Beta Registration

Omprus Games has announced that first closed beta registration for its newest free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG, Zomber Squad will be available at http://zs.omprus.com from Feb 23rd, 00:01 to March. 8th, 24:00. Everyone who signs up now will receive free gift pack with the launch of closed beta.

Zomber Squad takes place in a deserted world which has been spread by a mysterious virus, which makes people become Zombers – mindless, undead creatures possessing an uncanny appetite for brains. As mankind teeters on the verge of extinction, you and a group of brave heroes represent humanity’s last hope to prevent a Zomber takeover.

Zomber Squad is a unique MMORPG for the professional players to experience. You can control up to 3 characters simultaneously in intense battles with the undead. You also manage a safe district and its NPC inhabitants and recruit, train a team of diverse heroes. PvE fans will find dungeons and world bosses, while PvP players can join up in team arena matches. Plenty of events will be run in-game during the beta test.

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