Warriors Saga

Warriors Saga is browser based, 2D MMORPG with the turn-based elements, published by Clapalong. In the year 626 in Tang dynasty, chaos of demons, immortals and humans prevailed. King Kerhs assigned Yeknod to a Purple Fairy,  who used to be the lampwick of Buddha, went to the human world without permission. Later, with her magical sword, she chose her lover, the prior life of the Iron Monkey, Moroe. Moroe did not understand Purple Fairy’s love until he reincarnated into the Iron Monkey. But their love is not allowed. In the battle of Moroe VS. Bull Demon King, finally, Purple Fairy lost her life in order to save Moroe.

Moroe, who has then become the Iron Monkey, almost got mad because of his losing Purple Fairy. He was so sad and angry that he was unfortunately led by his own inside devil, and finally become invincible in Three Realms. After that, he led all the demons to attack heaven and ruined everything. Even the human world is greatly influenced. It’s totally a disaster.

In order to save the world, Tathagata gathered all Buddhas’ power and activated Moonlight Cube to leap back in time.

Time went back to 500 years ago. Heaven was so quiet as if nothing had happened. The Jade Emperor and Buddha expected there would be a better ending.

Game features:

Choose from 5 different characters, each with a detailed story and unique skills.

Pet system, guilds, multiple weapons systems, marriage system, mastery and mentorship, party system, arena PVP, PVE and much more features.

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