Vindictus is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG brawler developed by Nexon. Vindictus is based on Celtic mythology and allows players to fight their way through instanced stages with parties of up to four players.The game has realistic graphics, and features hack and slash style gameplay.

Choose from 4 characters each with specials skills:

Lann specializes in dual-wielding weapons, especially swords. His attacks are speedy, and in the battlefield, enemies are left breathless at his seemingly non-stop whirlwind of slashes and thrusts. Because he relies on speed, Lann starts out wearing light armor. As he gets stronger, he learns how to wear heavy armor without impeding his quick movements.

Lann hails from the northwest. He left his hometown when it was destroyed by Fomors and came to Colhen to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries. He stakes his entire identity on his ability to be victorious in battle.

Fiona is a balanced warrior who wields a sword and a shield. She values defense, so she uses her shield to protect herself during combat and then strikes strategically when enemies aren’t expecting it. She is able to wear heavy armor from the start and later learns to wear plate armor as well.

Fiona comes from the south. She treasures her privacy and boasts a solemn, serious personality, so no one knows how she came to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries. She rarely speaks about her past. Even as people marvel at her combat abilities, they can’t help but wonder what secrets she’s hiding.

Evie relies on her magic and alchemy abilities to support others during combat. She wields a staff and is weak when faced with enemies up close, but from a distance, she can summon powerful golems, revive allies and use ancient magic to perform devastating attacks. She starts out wearing cloth armor but, with time and effort, she can learn to wear light armor as well.

Evie comes from the east. From her demeanor, it’s likely she was raised in a noble family, but no one knows for sure. When asked, Evie just smiles and changes the subject. Despite her youth, Evie is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Karok wields a colossal pillar to bludgeon his enemies into submission. As a giant, his considerable strength allows him to easily carry and throw huge objects. His massive size makes him slow, but it also grants him high defense and the ability to start with heavy armor.

Karok’s pleasant and easygoing personality leads the people of Colhen to think he’s from the south, though no one’s sure exactly where. Some even say he’s from a town of giants. Whatever you do, don’t let his laidback personality deceive you, for on the battlefield, Karok is a force to reckon with.

Vindictus Features:

Brutal Physics

Blood spurts from enemies, right where your twin blades sliced. Enemies fall, only to become corpses you can hoist and brandish as sadistic weapons. Watch as walls crumble and whole buildings topple, providing you with new toys in the battlefield. With Source Engine physics and destructible, interactive environments, Vindictus redefines everything you thought you knew about “free-to-play.”

Party Play

When a spider three times your height skitters toward you, you’ll want one party member to whip a chain around its legs to pin it in place and another to distract it by flinging debris from a nearby pile of rubble, all so you can sneak behind and unleash insane damage with your blade. On the sidelines, your final party member casts healing spells. Dungeons change each time you enter them, so you’ll never get bored.

Customizable Gear

Crawl through dungeons to find rare drops and craft hundreds of equipment items. Next, personalize your newly crafted gear with stats via the Enchant system and color via the Dye system. In the end, your character will be clad in gear that’s powerful, stylish, and unique. Just be careful when picking your undergarments — too much fighting can break your gear, revealing what you’re wearing underneath!

Vindictus features great videos tutorials, with detailed information on game controls and survival guide.

Vindictus Gameplay Video


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