TwinKomplex is an immersive browser based role playing game unlike any other. A game revolutionary enough to be dubbed a “reinvention of social games”, a “Living Novel” by the German national press.

In TwinKomplex you become part of the DIA, the Decentral Intelligence Agency, a worldwide secret organization based in Berlin. The story takes place in the present with the internet as its playground. The objective of the game is to climb the agency ranks, all the while building a net of fellow agents.

As part of a team (4-Player-Coop) investigating a series of mysterious cases, you will find yourself immersed in an epic story beginning in the chaos of World War II and reaching into the present.

TwinKomplex gameplay is a complete break from the current model of social games. Everything is Geo-based. Different quests are localized in Google-Maps and evidence uncovered along the way drives communication: users share discoveries with their team through frequent chat and  in-game messaging. Each player lives a different story in real time: your own life experience and knowledge drive the game forward and help solve missions.

But to progress, you will need the help of others: from a pool of registered users, four players are chosen to build a team that must work closely together, especially in tricky situations. When the group successfully completes a mission, it is disbanded – each agent reassigned to a new team for the next challenge.

You will regularly gain access to videos shot with real actors. Some clips feature fellow DIA agents, some show witnesses, others present suspects. Evidence must be closely examined, sometimes sent to the lab for a more detailed analysis and various other duties must be fulfilled. Further, you’ll interact with various artificially intelligent bots designed to aid your investigation. These A.I.s operate using an open dialogue system programmed especially for TwinKomplex: an innovation never before seen in  gaming.

TwinKomplex is available in English and  German, Ludic Philosophy has revolutionized the spygame genre. Is this real life or complete fiction? As a player, you won’t ever really be sure.

There’s never been anything like this in the online-game market. Puzzle solvers, team players, noir fans and RPG addicts will feel at home in the universe of TwinKomplex and at the same time discover a completely new genre!

TwinKomplex resources:

Developer site

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TwinKomplex trailer and gameplay videos

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