The Mummy Online

The Mummy Online is a free to play online, browser-based Action-Adventure RPG inspired by the massively successful film franchise and published by BigPoint. Using the 3d Unity Engine the game delivers full 3D graphics directly into you web browser for a great gameplay experience.

The Epic Adventure Reborn

With treasure and fortune at stake, this is an epic battle worth fighting.

The Mummy Online is the new, free-to-play action-adventure RPG inspired by the blockbuster movie franchise, challenging you to fight against the mummies and monster of ancient Egypt in this fun, cooperative and fast-paced new 3D game.

Alone or as part of a team, you must demonstrate extraordinary courage as you assume the role of a Raider, on the hunt for riches and treasure, or a Cultist, seeking to master the dark powers of antiquity.

Use your wits, fists, spells and the finest weapons to defeat ruthless opponents, crack puzzles and embark on challenging quests in this fast-paced new action-adventure RPG.

Follow adventurer Edward Morgan through 1930’s Egypt in a battle against ancient evil in the fast-paced action-adventure RPG The Mummy Online, inspired by the blockbuster film franchise.

Professor Edward Morgan is a desperate man. His wife has been struck down by a mysterious plague after discovering an ancient stone – the Stone of Rancor, inscribed in a language she has never seen before.

Morgan’s hunt for clues leads him across Egypt to the tombs of Amarna and the mummified remains of a powerful Ancient Egyptian priestess. Little does he know of the horrors that await when the spirit of the priestess is unleashed…

Raiders Faction:

Raiders are the skilled thieves in the night. These librarians, archeologists and scholars are some of the fiercest fighters when treasure is at stake. Raiders have banded together to stake their claim of undiscovered treasures. With the hope of becoming rich beyond anyone’s dreams, the Raiders pool together in order to reveal the secrets of the Nile.


Gunslinger – Pistols, rifles and other deadly firearms are what make the Gunslinger a worthy contender in ranged fights. Choose the Gunslinger to shoot your enemies down with precision. Packing some serious firepower, the Gunslinger uses terrifying abilities such as Cover Fire, Piercing Shot and Concussion Blast. Stand back and let the bullets do the talking!

Brawler – Knives, swords and other shiny, sharp hand-held weapons make the Brawler a powerful close-combat attacker. If you like slicing your enemies to ribbons, this is the character for you. The Brawler can eliminate enemies quickly while using abilities like Leap, Hamstring and Eviscerate, making the Brawler a great all-around fighter.

Scholar – The Scholar specializes in casting intimidating spells. Unleash terrifying attacks such as Mummy’s Curse, that will summon a powerful mummy to attack your opponents, or cast any of their many other spells to help your team win the battle and gain untold riches.

Cultists faction:

Although belief in the ancient gods of Egypt has never ceased, most of the traditions and magic of the priest caste have long since been lost. In exchange for wealth and power, the Cultists offer their mortal souls and the souls of all whom they believe will resurrect the old dark powers. It is their wish to bring back Masika, who can fulfill their hopes of dominating Earth.


Assassin – Swords, knives, blades and other melee weapons make the Assassin a commanding and competent close-combat attacker. The Assassin can eliminate enemies with deadly swiftness using abilities like Leap, Hamstring and Eviscerate making the Assassin a mighty opponent.

Enforcer – Pistols, rifles, shotguns – Lock and load and find out what makes the Cultist Enforcer a worthy adversary in ranged combat. Enforcers shoot their enemies down with precision with fast firearms utilizing terrifying abilities such as Cover Fire, Piercing Shot and Concussion Blast. Stand back and let the bullets do the talking!

Priest – The Priest uses staves, scrolls and other arcane weapons to unleash frightening abilities. When Priests unleash any of their magical abilities such as Transfer Life or Mummy’s Curse, their enemies don’t stand a chance. Choose the Priest to dominate combat through ancient magic arts.

Key Features:
  • Fast-paced action adventure game
  • Free to play in your browser
  • Combines high-end, 3D isometric graphics, cinematic audio and deep gameplay
  • Large environments to explore, with PvE and PvP combat
  • Authentic and richly detailed design true to The Mummy movies
  • New features and content planned through open beta launch and beyond

The Mummy Online invites you to explore the forbidden hidden oasis used by Ramses as the site to build his pyramid. It was here small bands of pygmy tribes were commanded to protect one of Ramses most coveted magical artifacts for all eternity – the “Stones of Rancor.” Utilize the finest weapons and mystical relics at your disposal and battle against millions of adversaries in the never ending battle between good and evil. Experience this one-of-a-kind 3D adventure game today!

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