The Grinchta Descends on Villagers and Heroes

A wintry wonderland has descended upon the Seven Realms! Tis’ the yuletide season, and Villagers and Heroes has been seized with the holiday spirit! What does this mean? How about gifts and goodies, elves and reindeer, twinkling lights along with some wicked delights, and a special snowy event zone known as ‘Grinchta’s Lair,’ where the notorious green beast himself awaits all those who dare to challenge him.

All players will be endlessly engaged in our jolly, though rather dangerous, Christmas zone. Whether it’s quirky quests, or exotic crafting recipes you seek, or perhaps the chance to claim one of the coveted ‘Nutcracker’ outfits, or maybe just the thrill of conquering formidable icy foes while gaining sumptuous gifts, there is something for everyone this holiday season in Villagers and Heroes. Come partake of the festivities here in the Seven Realms.

About Villagers and Heroes:
Wield a mighty sword forged by your own hands and face a zombie prince in a shadowy cavern of floating mushrooms and dangling staircases. Don a magical cloak spun from the wool of your own sheep, and step inside bejeweled sunsets aglow with surreal wonders. Let fly blazing arrows crafted from the trees in your backyard, or trade them for a basket of your neighbor’s freshly picked apples. Plant a garden, and join a guild. Build lasting friendships and together explore the beauteous wonder and dangerous mysteries of the Seven Realms. Learn of its heroic founders, the Legendary Four, of their great sacrifice, and of an old evil that is slowly reawakening within the land.

Villagers and Heroes, a fantasy role-playing game with a vast multiplayer world, is easy to learn, has an intuitive user-interface, and features a wonderfully rich gameplay with components rarely seen before in any genre of game. Providing thousands of hours of exploration and challenge, the Seven Realms, populated with quirky characters and ghoulish beasties, offers hundreds of quests and an array of different gameplay styles. So whether you’re a mighty warrior battling monsters, or a clever wizard bidding at an auction, a noble priest mining for gems or an agile hunter foraging for food, the opportunities for players to advance are limitless.

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