Tales of Pirates 2

Tales of Pirates 2 is a free to play 3D pirate themed MMORPG, and the sequel to the original Tales of Pirates game published by IGG. Players can choose from 4 different characters and 10 classes.

New game features include:

Forge your own unique equipment

What would a world full of pirates be without heaps of treasure to discover? Well, there are heaps of magic gems all over the land, just waiting to be “liberated” from evil monsters! Get your hands on some powerful gems and you can use them in the new forging system to create holy weapons of unimaginable power! These weapons even generate their own special effects when used – bright lights, brilliant flashes of energy and dazzling colors!

New challenges await in the New PVP Arena

In the new PvP arena players can choose for themselves whether to watch the action or jump right in and get their hands dirty. Huge prizes and eternal glory await…

Amazing Rear Fairy skills

With a new version comes a whole new breed of pet. In the original version of ToP, they introduced the Fairies, now there are the Rear Fairies. These pets will follow along behind their master’s like others, but they have a unique ability to directly imbue their master’s with considerable attack and defensive bonuses!

Rebirth Wings Possess Mysterious Power

Soar above the competition by being reborn. After the rebirth process is complete, your character will have increased attack and defense, not to mention powerful wings that will enhance your appearance and let everyone know that you’re not some ordinary pirate – you’re a cut above the rest!

Tales of Pirates 2 trailer and gameplay videos

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