Tales of Pirates

Tales of Pirates is a 3D fantasy MMORPG based on 5,000 years of pirate history. In it, comical pirate characters and creatures travel the high seas and encounter intricate story-based quests, wondrous cities and beautiful landscapes in their search for treasures fit for a king. Though the excitement of ship-to-ship combat is a heady brew for newcomers and veterans alike, many players take pride in their place among the community. Whether you seek to enforce the laws of the ToP world, chronicle the adventures of your peers, or simply help junior players learn the ropes, the TOP community has a place for you.

Tales of Pirates is based on the adventures of Lance, a human raised by good, caring, loving people, Phyllis, Ami, a young little girl that does not age, and Carsise, a big-buff good guy. The world they live in is made up of multiple continents and islands in which they travel by foot or by ship, killing monsters and other obstacles in their way with a wide variety of weapons.

The largest cities are all ports, although their climates are quite different, ranging from Shaitan’s deserts to Icicle’s frozen plains. It is in these cities in which newer characters slowly build up their skills and fighting prowess before adventuring into the unknown. Each fighting class does all of its class advancements in their corresponding city, e.g. swordsmen change classes in Argent, hunters in Icicle, herbalists in Shaitan, etc.

There are in total 10 classes, 4 belonging to the Primary Classes, which can be chosen at Level 9. Those classes include Swordsman (deals physical damage), Hunter (ranged class using bows), Explorer (deals powerful magical damage and has many bonuses on sailing), and herbalist (weak in offense but can heal other players and give them temporary bonuses on their stats- known as “buffing”). At Level 40, players can choose an advanced class depending on the character and the basic class. Those 6 classes include Crusader (a popular class, is very agile and deals melee damage), Champion (high defense with high HP, dealing high melee damage), Sharpshooter (high ranged damage, uses fireguns), Voyager (magical damage, even more bonuses for their boats), Cleric (more healing and supportive power), and Seal Master (similar to Cleric, but has more offense).

Game features:

  • High Quality 3D Cartoon-styled Design
    Impressive Background History and Intricate Story Quests
    Distinguished Characters with a lot of Professional Options
    Numerous Cities and Splendid Scenery
    Revolutionary Ship Building and Sea Battle System
    Myriad of Secret Searching and Treasure Hunting
    Countless In-game Quests and GM held Events
  • Fairy Pets: Upon character creation the player starts with a level zero pet, they can also be obtained from other players, or from the item mall. The pets are fairies of various appearances, and their uses include giving the character extra stat points and learning special skills to help their masters in battle.
  • Guilds in Tales of Pirates are groups of players allied together to benefit everyone, similar to many other games. To create a guild a Lv40 character, a Stone of Oath item, and one hundred thousand gold are needed. To join a guild, the player must be at least Lv20 and can apply for the guild at specific NPCs, and wait for the approval from the guild leader.
  • Mazes: Tales of Pirates contains many dungeon-like areas called mazes. The three main mazes, Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World open in rotations of 3 hours each, and each maze has its own ranged level requirements

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