Tales of Fantasy

Tales of Fantasy is a free 2 play 3D MMORPG with a massive 3D environment centered on inter-faction warfare and an immersive history and storyline. Players can choose to fight for one of two powerful nations locked in constant conflict while working to thwart an even greater threat to both sides.


There are up to 25 different mounts in Tales of Fantasy for you to choose from, including a diverse mix of exotic animals such as kirins, lions, tigers, and leopards, each with their own unique attribute bonuses. Upon reaching Level 25, simply approach any Animal Trainer to get that mount you’ve always wanted. What’s more, by learning a certain skill, you can even attack while riding on that fabulous mount of yours!

There are 2 major races, or factions, in Tales of Fantasy: Ashland, and Bohren.

Capital: Lotus City

The people of the eastern lands founded their Empire after the death of the previous King.

You can make a selection between a lanky character with a cool demeanor or a cute, stout character-both of which come with differing talents!

Capital: Jun Ma City

The descendents of Qin created a new country with the help of Prince Feo. Though they long ago abandoned many of the Qin customs, some still remain.

You can choose between two differing styles of characters-a well-built, handsome warrior, or a nimble and lithe halfing.


There are 2 main class divisions -Pugilists and Apprentices (aka Melee and Magic)   with 8 final classes -Gladiator, Sentinel, Marksman, Assassin, Summoner, Archmage, Druid and Priest.

Other features include: Fusion, Wings, Players skills, refining, instances and the Hourglasses of Time.

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