Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is a free to play 3D browser based massively multiplayer RPG developed by Three Rings Design and published by Sega. Band together and fight to the Core! Spiral Knights is a cooperative adventure in a persistent world with a focus on instant, fast-paced action. Arm yourself and join the ranks of the Spiral Knights; stranded on an alien world, they must explore the ever-changing Clockworks beneath its surface in hopes of reaching its mysterious Core.

You have crashed. You are stranded. But you are not alone.

The Spiral Knights have awoken on an unknown world. Their equipment stores have been raided and their starship, The Skylark, will not recover from the crash. But all is not lost. Taking refuge in a town called Haven they have begun a new mission.

As a Spiral Knight, you must delve deep below the surface of the world into the mechanical labyrinth known as The Clockworks. This colossal complex of turning gears and unnatural machinery is filled with massive slabs of alien worlds and home to a legion of terrible monsters. This great machine is in constant motion and is always changing the worlds it creates. An exciting adventure awaits that will take you to the planet’s very core, where the Spiral Knights will discover the purpose of The Clockworks and who or what created it.

So take up your sword and join your fellow knights in a world that offers new adventures every day!

Spiral Knights features:

Co-operative Exploration

The Clockworks offer challenges that are best tackled with friends. Fight monsters, solve puzzles and discover treasures together!


Instant Action
Go from login to a multiplayer adventure in less than a minute.


Ever-changing World
The Clockworks cycle levels to explore in real time. Every moment of every day changes the world.


Create an Arsenal
There are hundreds of unique weapons and gear to discover and alchemize.


Form Powerful Guilds
Guild alliances allow greater influence over the world. Amass powerful minerals to transform the Clockworks!

Free to Play!

Spiral Knights is free to play, no subscription is required to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Spiral Knights resources:

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Spiral Knights Trailer and Gameplay Videos

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