Soul Of Guardian

Soul of Guardian or SOG for short, is a free to play browser based ARPG (Action Role Playing game), a perfect combination of different cultures brought by Wondershare game also publishing titles like Call of Gods or the upcoming Car Tycoon. Soul of Guardian pictures a world of fantasy with four classes of characters, six guardian beasts with outstanding power and two nations with distinct goals, definitely a refreshing experience to your senses!

As for classes, the Blade Warrior from Battle Warden is equipped by sword as the main weapon. Even though there are just these words to describe this role in WSGAME Soul of Guardian, Blade Warrior has free access to any realms. As a result, nobody dare to be his enemy and against him without reasons. The main attributes can be resumed like Excellent Close Combat Skill, High Accuracy and High Crit.

Dagger Assassin from Battle Warden is good at poison. Anyone, who look down on Dance seemed with slight appearance and be their enemies foolishly, will die both in unbearable pain and with endless regret, this character has excellent Ranged Attack Skill, High Durability and Balanced Skill.

Hammer Judge from Soul Envoy is to destroy hopes. All people have recognized he should not be provoked. What he only does is to crush the enemy’s hope of escape. Character attributes:  Excellent Close Combat Skill, High Attack and Defense.

Spear Guard from Soul Envoy is to control demons. In Soul Of Guardian, he is the most mysterious and the last people want to see in Soul Of Guardian. So Flair is the mystery that people never want to solve.This character offers excellent Ranged Attack Skill and Close Combat Skill, High Dodge and Tenacity.

Background story

In the Battlesoul Continent, there only exist four elements at first: wind, fire, water and earth. About one million years ago, these elements became conscious and the four element Gods came into being.

After 100,000 years, the four Gods created soul, the ancestors of the Battlesoul Clan. Then the four gods started to rest and sleep because of the power consumption. As another 100,000 years passed by, the soul could no longer bear the immense loneliness in the world so he created a tiger beast to accompany him. After that, in accordance with the looks of him and his beast, he continued the replication and created the Battlesoul clan and Beast clan. These made him lose so much power that his body turned into chaos and fell into a deep sleep. The tiger beast ruled the herd, assisted with the Battlesoul Clan and they lived happily ever after.

About 10,000 years ago, the earth was cracked and from hell ran an incredible devil – Imprisoned Demon, which exists in the four elements Gods era. And his aim is to destroy the Battlesoul Clan and Beast Clan as the guardians of Gods from the four elements.  For a time, Battlesoul Continent waged, then the Battlesoul Clan and Beast Clan resist in order to survive, which finally awakened the sleeping Soul. The Imprisoned Demon was driven back to the hell by the Soul and Beast and the Soul re-sealed him with Soul of Guardian which is the highest skills given by the four element Gods.

It is just a legend, no one knows the real situation, no one will get to the truth of this early history; but we all know, the name-Battlesoul Continent came from battle between the Imprisoned Demon and the Soul, and there are a million years since then. That era is also called the Soul of Guardian.

This is how the game story began and continues. Today, in the mysterious Battlesoul Continent, the thrill and excited adventure is in full swing.

Key Features:

Achievement system: You will be rewarded with all kinds of smart titles once you enter certain ranking or complete certain achievement.

Equipment Transmutation and Recast system which can inspire potential ability of equipment. Players can produce top equipments in Demon Altar.

Equipment List

Weapons: Sword, Dagger, Hammer, Spear

Armors: Hat, Robe, Belt, Pants, Shoes, Talisman, Bracer

Trinkets: Ring, Necklace

Every 10 Level is a stage; different equipments can be worn in different levels and different parts of the Body.

Equipment Quality has 4 levels: Quality from low to high: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legend.

Quality Stage of the same equipment: Common, Hateful, Deadly, Unstoppable.

Equipments can be upgraded by Transmutation.

Aside from basic attributes, extra attributes can be added to equipments which should be identified as well.

Uncommon equipments can be gained from Quests or Dungeons. Most equipments of high quality such as Rare and Epic ones can be gained by spar or fish exchange. Violet Spars can be gained by completing Storyline Quest or challenging Crystal Valley. Of course, the easiest way is to buy them in Auction where you can find much good stuff.

Quests: Players will meet the beautiful newbie guide Serena who will guide you to explore the mysterious Battlesoul World. You will be familiar with SOG gradually and learn basic operations under her guidance.

Quest type

Storyline Quest: Some events related to the growth of players occur in the game. A series of events consist of some complete stories. That is where Storyline Quest comes. A lot of EXP and Silvers will be gained when players complete the storyline quest.

Branch Quest: There are some interesting events that can help players get extra EXP and Silver in Branch Quest.

Repeated Quest: Repeated Quests of monsters killing can be launched every ten levels, such as level 30,40, 50, and 60. Players will obtain luxury rewards when competing repeated quests.

Guild Quest: You can accept Guild Quests if you have joined a Guild. By completing them you win EXP to increase Guild Contribution. In particular, monsters you kill in the Guild Quest are the same with ones in other quests, we advice player accepting several of them at the same time.

Auctions: Dear warriors, maybe you have gained lots of treasures by exploring in Soul of Guardian. Have you obtained anything that you don’t need? Don’t worry, you can sell unbound items in Auction, and get silver in return.

Skill System excels in presenting abundant skills and gorgeous special effects. Different characters possess respective skills which indulges players in the real-time fighting of fierce battles.

Skill Introduction

There are 28 skills classified according to four character classes. Characters can learn skills of their classes to become more powerful.

Auto systems

There are two types of auto system, one is Auto-attack System, and the other is Auto-training System.

1. Auto-attack System.

System will lead you to find monsters and attack them automatically when you start the Auto-attack mode.

2. Auto-training System

If you stay still for a long time, system will start auto-training mode.

Equipment can be enhanced, identified, upgraded, punched, etc. Let’s explore it.

Equipments can be identified in Demon Altar, different Equipment needs to consume Identify Runes of respective quality.

Quality of the same equipment can be divided into four stages: Common, Hateful, Deadly,Unstoppable. Equipment can be upgraded by Upgrade function, and consume morph Runes of respective quality.


Equipment should be punched before socketing. There is the Punching function in Demon Altar; Equipments of different colors can be punched with different number of slots: Uncommon Equipment (2 slots), Rare Equipment (3 slots), Epic Equipment (4 slots), and Legend Equipment (5 slots).
Equipments of different grade need to be punched with different Punching Runes.

Always don’t get the equipment you want? Have some useless equipment? Nevermind, solve your problems in Demon Altar. Epic equipment can be recast into Legend one.
Recast Formula: Epic Equipment Lv 50 or above(Main) + any Legend Equipment *2(Assistant)= Legend Equipment recast from an Epic one.

“Battlesoul Isle” is the multiple players PVP Arena in Soul of Guardian. Sign-up is required to participate; When Battlesoul Isle is activated, players will be divided into 3 teams: red, yellow and blue by system; 3 teams battle against each other after the combat starts. In limited time, players win credits by killing enemies. Credits can be exchanged for goods in the credits mall.

Sign-up Rules

Sign-Up time:18:30-19:25 (Daily)

Players whose level is above 40 can sign up by clicking “BattlesoulIsle” in the upper right corner.

No more players will be accepted when the sign-up limit is reached.

Daily combat time in Battlesoul Isle is 19:25–19:55.Players can enter the battlefield through popped-up window if successfully signed up. Participants can enter or leave Battlesoul Isle.


Team Rules

There are 3 divisions in Battlesoul Isle Combats: Lv50-59(Primary), Lv60-79(Medium), Lv80-100(Advanced); It means that there are 3 Battlesoul Isles indeed. Players can fight in one of them according to their levels. They will also be divided into 3 teams: red, yellow or blue on the same basis. Flags on their head demonstrate the team he/she belongs.If player re-enters the Isle, he/she will not be relocated.


Map Rules

Player’s mode will automatically switch into PK Mode as soon as entering Battlesoul Isle: Players can fight with enemies from other team. Players will automatically revive at the birth point when killing by others, no consumption is needed. Three birth points (red, yellow or blue) lie on the map where players from the corresponding team are born. There is a huge block in the map center which can be used tactically. At each birth point there is one NPC that helps transporting back to the main city. The 4*4 cells of area around the NPC is the safe zone of their own team. PK is not available there.

HP&MP Potions buff is not available in Battlesoul Isle.


Credit Rules

Personal Credit Rules

10 Credits will be granted as soon as players entering Battlesoul Isle regardless of the entrance times.  Players win credits by killing enemies:

1. Basic 3 credits by killing target.

2. Being killed won’t get credits reduced.

3. No credits for killing the same target in 5 mins more than once.

Team Credit Rules

All personal credits is totaled up to Team Credit


Ranking and Rewards

During the combats, the top 5 daily credits (not total credits) winners will be displayed on the right of screen (quest tracking).

Team Winner Rewards

Winning team will be rewarded with Battlesoul Isle Gift packs (sent by mail) after the battle.

Participant Rewards

Credits won in Battlesoul Isle can be used for exchanging Soul of Guardian Suit or other items.

All players of lv 40 or above can enter fishing map via Battlesoul city NPC Fisherman. VIP players can also enter the VIP fishing map, Players can obtain wealth of EXP, Battlesoul, money, items and so on by fishing.

Buy fishing rod in the store NPC after entering the fishing map.

The instruction of Mount system:

Players can use shortcuts [Q] or click the “Mount” button on the top right corner of the screen to open the mount system.

The instruction of Mount:

-Players can use shortcuts [T] to ride on/off their mounts

-OR they can use shortcuts [Q] or click the “Mount” button on the top right corner of the screen to open the mount system, and then press the “ride” button to rideon/off their mounts.

To get mounts:

-When players reach Level 10, they can get their first level mounts—Cruel Wolf by completing the New Player Quest.

-Also,players can buy other mounts in shop.

Dragonslay system: You will be rewarded with luxury items and equipments for spending Golds in Dragonslay. And Epic equipment Lv 30-70 or other precious items are more likely to get.

Pet System: Pets can be a powerful partner you can’t play without, players own all kinds of different Pet in the game.

Pet can be bought from stores and also available via “Pet buy”

The color of the Pet can be divided into: Common(Grade 20), Uncommon(Grade40), Rare(Grade 60), Epic(Grade 80).

Only the Uncommon pet or up can evolve.

1. Foster – You can cultivate the Pet by clicking “Foster” in the Pet interface. The higher the growth of the pet, the more attribute increase will be gained. Pet foster consume Potential Orb.

2. Feed – Pet can’t play when its happiness is 0. You need to feed your pet.

3. Accelerate – The level of Pet is related to time, click “accelerate” to make a quick upgrade.

4. Evolution – A Pet can evolve if growth and quality reach lv 41 or up. And the level of the Pet islv.1 after evolution.

5. Enhancement – The higher the quality, the better effect of attribute of the Pet transfer to player. Enhancement needs Quality Upgrade Orb. Lucky Rune can increase the success rate of quality improvement, Protective Orb can be used to avoid quality reduction when upgrade fails.

6. Inherit – Players can combine any two Pets by using the Pet inheritance. The Main Pet maintains its avatar, max, class, and grade and inherit the Side Beast’s Level and growth. After the inheritance, max class and grade of the two will be kept. Players can inherit to get favorite Pet’s avatar, and a better quality Pet.

In Soul of Guardian, players can join or create a guild after Lv30.

Gems system: players can enhance his/her strength by equipments and gems. Gems can be obtained by fishing, completing quests, events and dragonslaying. They can be socketed into equipments or removed, and transmuted into higher level.

Daily events:

Battlesoul Isle Arena | Wild boss | Stone Golem | Untamed Forest | Cavern of Fear | Flame Altar | Escort | Treasure Island | Single Trial Field | Centurial Demon Den

Gameplay videos

Additional Links:


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