Soul Captor, Anime Fantasy MMORPG

Soul Captor is the latest free to play 3D Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game title to arrive on Gamania’s beanfun! platform and will offer gamers an epic fantasy adventure filled with challenging quests, comradery and magic.

Embark on an epic adventure exploring extensive zones, whilst accompanied by your “Anima”, your very own customizable spirit creature. You will make new friends, conquer foes together with unique skill combos, and help prevent the Dual World from a terrible collapse.

In Soul Captor players will explore an alluring Eastern world full of fantastical creatures and are tasked with purging this world from a mysterious evil force.

Furthermore, four out of the six playable classes have been revealed today which are listed in detail below.

Spencer Chi, Director of New Game Development at Gamania said: “Soul Captor offers a unique gameplay experience, and we can’t wait to open the servers for closed beta. We are confident that Soul Captor will further bolster the userbase of our beanfun! platform. Soul Captor is a key title that will pave the way for other games in our product pipeline and will further contribute to Gamania’s growth in western markets”.

Key Features:

–       Unique and beautiful graphical style
–       Soul System that allows players to capture and collect the souls of fallen monsters in the “Soulpedia”
–       Captured souls can be used as mounts
–       ”Anima” companion system with on-the-fly defensive, offensive or healing capabilities
–       In-game cut scenes and rich storylines
–       Friends system that allows players to advance bonds with others and gain buffs and bonuses
–       Comprehensive Achievement System
–       Advanced Autopilot System
–       Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player modes (PVP)

The World of Soul Captor
In the beginning of time, the God of Creation looked out into the chaotic realm, and used his divine power to inhabit a continent with the most beautiful flora and fauna the universe had ever seen. He created the humans in his own image to populate this world and named the continent the “Mortal Realm”. Another continent teeming with life started to imitate the Mortal Realm. Strange creatures possessing abilities different to that of the humans appeared and slowly became known as the “Asura”. Thus, the god of creation named this continent: “Dark Realm”.

Cities were built above these realms where the gods; assigned by the God of Creation, could oversee their inhabitants. With the two worlds in harmony, the God of Creation left. However, his departure created a disturbance and the beasts from the Dark Realm started invading the Mortal Realm. As the force controlling the worlds started to dissolve, a mysterious darkness emerged. You enter this story as a divine oracle and begin your adventure by descending to the Mortal Realm in order to bring peace to the world.

The Classes

Proud Warriors are resolute and courageous in battle, wearing heavy armor and wielding powerful weapons. They are very capable in close-ranged combat and are the backbone to any team. Warriors protect other team members from harm and can reduce damage that’s being inflicted by enemies. They even have the ability to exchange some of their defense power in favor for more powerful attacks. This is why they can always be found at the front lines, inflicting fear into their enemies.

Priests are wise and warmhearted people. With their high will and intelligence, they can cast healing spells and protective charms to ease the burden of the entire party. Some spells also boost allies’ overall defense or attack powers. Although Priests are known for their compassion, they can use their powers to attack enemies with deadly force when their cause calls for it.

Shamans work as lone wolves to ambush the enemy. Their natural dexterity provides high defense against physical attacks and they are known to use sinister dark spells to topple their enemies. Shamans practice a line of secret rituals with mysterious healing abilities to remedy the sick, but their blood curses are often fatal.

Onmyoji wear tall hats and snow-white robes with loose sleeves that conceal weapons and deadly gadgets. They are graceful, elegant, and use their magic to directly inflict damage with powerful spells and chants. Onmyoji also support allies by summoning totems from the 5 elemental energies at their disposal.

Plus two additional classes to be revealed at a later date!

For more information regarding Soul Captor or to sign up for closed beta, please check the official website .

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