Six Gun Galaxy

Six Gun Galaxy is a free to play, 2.5D browser based MMORPG by ClickNation and available on Facebook.

In the not too distant future competition for natural resources will have led to “The Great War”. Humanity survived the devastation – some evolved, mutated and thrived. A power struggle ensued and continues to this day. Powerful corporations and special interest groups are violently using their military and biochemical power to exploit the opportunity. You and the rest of humanity are caught up in the middle of the struggle. Humanity needs a hero.

Help restore civilization by building your town, selecting your team, and equipping them for battle with powerful modifications and gear. Defeat your rivals in combat or “relinquish” them of their cash, visit and fortify your friends’ towns, and explore the world of Six Gun Galaxy.

Choose from 4 possible character classes, give your hero a name, and enter the world of Six Gun Galaxy. The game is played is 2.5D view and you have many quests and locations to visit.

Like other similar games, you have your own yard, in this case your town, where you can build houses and other building, that will produce money or other types of resources over time, you need to get to it from time to time to collect.

Strengthen your crew with new members, equipment, gear, weapons and modifications and fight your enemies in PVE and PVP.

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