Serenia Fantasy

The Retro RPG That Keeps Things Fresh

New Expansions and updates have brought new adventures to the Serenia Continent

It’s been just over a year since Serenia Fantasy was released and for many it has helped satisfy the need for classic RPG gaming. Serenia Fantasy broke away from many of the browser based RPGs on the market, offering something refreshingly different. Thanks in part to its retro style and colorful backdrop; Serenia Fantasy is a role player game that offers simple, exciting and entertaining game play. Taking inspiration from the classic adventure role player games of the 1990’s, Serenia Fantasy was designed to give players a fun nostalgic gaming experience and transport you back to gaming’s golden age and since last summer Serenia Fantasy has been doing just that.


In an effort to keep things fresh on the Serenia Continent, Koramgame have been releasing numerous updates and improvements to this classic styled JRPG over the past few months. The most recent expansion pack “Awakening of Artifacts” brought brand new quests to high level players, an increase in level cap to 140, new talents for each class and a new high level boss that added a tough new challenge for all those who dared to face him.


This year also saw the addition of the Seventh Continent of Serenia to the game “Isles of Mysteries” which brought with it new adventures. And with a new “Sailor Pack” code giveaway this month, there’s plenty to keep you interested in Serenia Fantasy.


For all the latest Serenia Fantasy news and events check out the Facebook fan page and game site.

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