Rusty Hearts

Rusty Hearts is a Free to Play beat-em-up Action MMORPG brought by Perfect World Entertainment, that mixes classic arcade action with modern MMO character progression and awesome cell-shaded anime style.

Choose from 3 different characters with their own unique abilities, Frantz, Angela and Tude each feature different personalities, skills, weapons of choice and background stories, so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Rusty Hearts PVP options includes 4 different options:


The most straightforward mode pits teams against each other in a no-holds-barred brawl. Points are tallied as each member of a team is defeated, but no one stays down for long and it’s anyone’s game until the timer hits zero.


Choose your leader wisely in this game type, because if they fall it’s game over. Be the first to slay the other team’s VIP to win, but remember that support and healing roles are often just as important as punching the other team’s VIP in the face.


Solo combat with a team-based twist, Tag Team mode pits your team against the opponent in a series of short, one on one matches. Defeat the entire team’s roster to achieve victory but be careful, the order of opponents is random. Will you be the point man, hoping to get an early lead over your opponents, or the anchor, carrying the entire team’s fate on your shoulders?


A great man once said, “War does not decide who is right, but who is left”. Survival is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. This mode reflects the brutality of the world itself. Either in a team or by yourself, survive by any means necessary and be crowned the victor of this savage match.

Also available are: Arena, guild battle and tournament system.

You can also party up with your friends and explore various dungeons and Raids.

Rusty Heart features crafting and forging where you can modify and strengthen your items, a personal space called “My Room” where you can store items and rest from battles, Auction House, Guilds, Cash Box among other stuff..

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