RichState is browser based simulation game set in a virtual world where you build your own empire of wealthy, the game contains classical features of Store Management, Car Racing and Guild Competitions.

Besides the refreshing 2D frames, RichState will give players an amazing experience of multi-industry management, company expansion, factory operation and cross-country car race. Management, competition, craziness and fun are the key words of this game.

 As a highlight of RichState, the vehicle competitions include Cross-country, Tournaments, Super Formula and Territory Races. You can challenge NPCs in the single and team races, upgrade components and inlay gems to enhance your favorite car.


Biz SIM Has Never Been That Easy

There are 10 different types of stores of 5 different industries in Rich$tate. The look of a store will gradually change when it upgrades. The ingame currency is R$D, which players can obtain it mainly through store revenue. Employees, store levels, the industry you have selected and other factors (like emergency events) will affect the store revenue. Players can also sell their products on trade market to get some extra R$D.

Employee Is Essential

To hire good employees is always the key to the success of a business. Getting a talented and experienced employee is not only about luck, but also depends on your investment you are willing to make on recruitment and further training. A good employee can bring bonus to your store revenue and vehicle attributes.

SIM, RPG, or Both?

Car-racing and enhancing system is the highlight of RichState. This system includes classic RPG features. In order to compete with NPC and other players in various races, players need to get good employees and mobile parts for their cars, and cars can also be upgraded through gaining experience in races.

Vehicle Components

The items have 5 different levels: white, green, blue, purple and orange. Spare parts and set parts will also have different bonuses on vehicle attribute. This classic RPG feature gives players a easier time to figure out all the items and shows the simplicity of RichState.

Item Enhancement

Players used to spend a lot in traditional RPGs. The huge loss from an unsuccessful upgrade always disappoints players who spend their time and energy on a game. Rich$tate is different. Most of the upgrade materials are permanent. And players only need some R$D and corresponding low level materials to get a 100% success rate.

PVP & PVE System

PVE system of Rich$tate contains training, cross-country race (single/multi player) and super formula race. The super formula is the hardest of these three with, of course, best rewards to give. Winning rewards from super formula races include Red or above Employee Cards, high-level vehicle parts and gems.

The current PVP system is a league based racing tournament, which includes qualifications, primary races, elimination races and master tournament. The most exciting tournament is the master tournament, which is a competition between best of the best players of all servers. Winners of these races will be rewarded highest honor. But to get it, players must work really hard on their favorite cars.

RichState is published by several online game portals and websites, like or, it is also available on Facebook.


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