Ran World

Ran World, The Frontier of Ran, or just Ran Online, is a free 2 play fantasy MMORPG, where players choose 1 of 3 factions or schools, and compete against players from opposing schools.

The game has several weekly scheduled battles or stages with different modes: Extra stage, Lead Club Battle, Club Battle, Club Death Match where players from the 3 opposing campus play against each other.

Choose from 5 character classes each with different skills:


The class formed with students who constantly test the limitation of human faculty to push their capacity to maximum.
They use the skills which use their arms, legs and body as the modern MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).
Skills using fist are really fast but the produced damage is not critical and the leg skills are little bit slower but produces stronger damages on the opponent and area attack will be possible for the energy use type.


This is a class which focuses on raising the level of concentration to maximum.This class is called Archer but according to its essential purpose,it uses everything that is shaped as bow.

Archer is very strong attackers from the distance and they have rather low HP.

The Class is fragmented by the weapon (Pow, Dex, Int) selection. Dex type has higher minimum damage, Pow type has higher maximum damage and Int type uses strong energy to dominate the opponent.
Depending on the growth method, a character can be raised as the fist skill type which can also use the energy skills.

Swords Man

The class formed with students who are trying to cultivate their mind and body through the swordsmanship. They cannot fully prove their powers without a sword but they are strong melee type fighters with sword equipped.

They have strong stamina and attack power and they use ‘Sword’, ‘Blade’ and ‘Energy Sword’.

Skill types vary by the type of weapon, ‘Sword’ for DEX type, ‘Blade’ for Power type and ‘Energy Sword’ for Intelligence type and the class ramification is made also.


This is a class which is formed by a group of students who have strong psychokinetic power. This is an only class which does not have any relation to sports but they shut out the dishonest acts of other school’s athlete students. The students of this class usually use strong attacking type sorcery and supporting type (Healing) sorcery.

Plus, ‘Spear’, the weapon can be used to perform spear skills with very strong attack power and ‘Staff’ has weaker attack power but it is used to cast attack spells and defense spells. However, this is a very hard to control class for the newbies.


The chosen students who are about to reveal their true powers and be awakened have mighty wills that transcend all types of martial arts and magic to remedy this twisted world.

All the members are approved masters from all the other classes and their goal is to study this and another world as well as completing their self cultivation.

They are blessed with the ability to use all types of existing weapons and they can choose attack skill types among Melee, Swordsmanship, Archery and Magic to battle as their weapon selection. Plus, two sets of weapon type can be equipped and switch used.

Ran Online trailer and gameplay videos

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