Pets vs. Monsters

Pets vs Monsters is a free-to-play 2D online game where kids team up with their favorite PETS to battle a MONSTER invasion! In this light-hearted and fun fantasy setting, our world and others are being invaded by Monsters – and they’re trying to take over!

Kids team up with their friends and favorite pets to battle the monster invasion. Together they can explore exciting and mysterious worlds, collect armor to customize their character and find new and powerful pets.

Enter the colorful world of Pets vs. Monsters​ – a unique massively multiplayer online world designed for kids. Accessible through your own browser, Pets vs. Monsters​ is easy to get into and easy to play. Explore several amazing worlds, from the pirate world to the science fiction world, as you play alongside numerous other players from across the globe in a safe and friendly environment designed specifically for children.

Game features

Free to Play, Easy To Get Into

Pets vs. Monsters​ is completely free to play, and only takes a few minutes to get into. Accessible directly from the game’s website, all you have to do is click a button and soon you will be exploring this colorful world together with your own, unique pet.

Your Very Own Pet Companion

Much of the gameplay in Pets vs. Monsters​ revolves around the pets that players will discover and claim as their own. Dogs, Cats and Bears – in all different shapes and colors – will accompany you on your adventures. But will you be able to find them all?

A Colorful and Diverse World

Journey through several uniquely different worlds, from the pirate world to the science fiction world, all filled with their unique quests, characters, rewards – and, of course, monsters. Can you defeat the slime monsters, the skeletal bat and even the robot boss?

Customize Your Own Character

As you progress through the many different worlds, you will accumulate experience and go up in level, unlocking a multitude of new and exciting rewards. You will also uncover a vast array of clothing, weapons and other gadgets to customize your character!

Specifically Designed for Kids

Pets vs. Monsters​​ is designed not only with kids in mind, it is actually specifically designed for them. All content is safe and friendly, and a robust chat system ensures that all communication between players are kept within the strict guidelines that are in place.

Pets vs. Monsters videos

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