Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom is a mobile, location based, massively multiplayer role playing game that uses GPS location and Google Maps to place users in a virtual world. Parallel Kingdom is the first location based RPG for the iOS and Android platforms and recently marked its 1,000th day of game-play, and is approaching 750,000 players worldwide.

The game is set in a virtual world or “Parallel Kingdom” where users claim their territories based on their GPS location or by making friends who invite them to travel to new places. Parallel Kingdom is a freemium game and utilizes a virtual goods revenue model.

Key features:

  • Play for Free – Game is free to download and play. Advanced resources can be acquired for real money or by trading with others in-game.
  • Claim Territory – Stake out your territory by placing flags.
  • Explore Dungeons – Light your torch and explore 4 different types of dungeons, each with unique dungeon dwellers and powerful items found within.
  • Chat with Everyone – Chat in real time with players next to you or around the world.
  • Earn Trophies – 20 weekly ranking categories that award the winner a highly coveted Trophy Hat.
  • Encounter Creatures – Fight creatures to earn gold, items, and resources.
  • Interact with Players – Find other players to duel, or team up to fight common foes and share in the rewards.
  • Control Your Neighborhood – Defend the territory where you live in real life.
  • Gather Resources and Ingredients – Collect goods to build your house and make powerful concoctions.
  • Sail the Seas – Build a raft and take to the seas, fighting vicious beasts and finding rare resources.
  • Compete Globally – See who is richer and has more territory with global ranking lists.
  • Found Cities – Start your own city and get others to join, expanding its boundaries and power.
  • Trade with Anyone – Use Trade Posts in every city to buy and sell just about anything.
  • Travel the World – Invite players to visit your territory, or travel to other players in exotic locations
  • Lead Your Minions – Use Golems, Trolls and even Trees to fight alongside you and achieve victory.
  • Play Everywhere – Parallel Kingdom can be played anywhere in the world from your iPhone, iPod Touch or Google Android phone.

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