OverKings is a free to play browser based MMORPG where fantasy meets legend and legends become reality. In OverKings you fight as a hero for glory and honor slaying deadly monsters and defeating enemy players in bloody conflict. Explore a magical world filled with epic adventure while enjoying all the perks of a client based MMORPG without a huge download.

The battles in the game are dynamic and real-time. All player actions are displayed on the screen and accompanied with spectacular special effects. The gameplay is different for each character class. While fighting you will have to use learned and developed abilities. The tactics of the battle differs depending on landscape, enemy type and the your party. Good reaction and the ability to quickly decide how to act will help any player. The most interesting is playing as a mamber of a party, when combined actions of all group members has a great matter.

There is no separation by race in OverKings. All characters are humans, men and women of different age and completion. The player will have to chose of the wide array of classes – physical and magical, aggressive and defensive.

In Overkings you can choose a hero class of your desire. Every class has its special combat role. One possesses the great might, another has outstanding endurance, the third can move unseen without making any noise. Some use magic, some can heal allies or summon helping spirits. The choice is yours to make, but whatever decision you’ll make, character of any class will show himself viable and strong hero capable of challenging both monster hordes and other heroes.

Available classes: Assassin, Sorceress, Guardian, Dryad, Barbarian, Amazon, Mage, Witch.

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OverKings Gameplay Video

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