Nindou is a free to play browser based 2D MMORPG, where you play as a ninja character fighting your way up to learn ninja skills, collect hundreds of ninja items, grab powerful weapons and cast mysterious ninja skills, everyone can become a Ninja Master in this real time fighting Ninja game!

The story of Nindou

In the Old Age there is a mysterious land in the orient. It has large and complicated terrain. It is called the Land of Issun. One prominent characteristic of this Issun is that everyone here has a big head but a very small body with only one-inch of height, just like a bean. This is why it is called Issun meaning One-Inch. As people all have the quality of a Ninja, they are called Nindou. Small as they are, they all have a special passion for life!

Nindou is available through Zeload website, and can be played using a Facebook account, Google or Msn.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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