Neosaurs: The Legend of Sauria is a 2D browser-based MMORPG, free to play on Facebook or Windows Live networks. It combines state-of-the-art game technology with the classic and extremely popular side-scrolling, beat-em-up format, and features an entirely new artistic style, with striking, painted backgrounds, and a compelling cast of characters influenced by both Eastern and Western sensibilities.


Like most massive multiplayer online games, you can play together with your friends and become the hero of your own adventure. The  storyline and defined objectives encourage the user to get involved and explore the game more deeply. Neosaurs is designed to fit multiple demographics of gamers- social, adventurer, fighter, role-playing, character-customizing, and mini-gaming.

The Story

Deep below the Earth’s surface, Inner Earth is in trouble and needs your help! Raise your very own Neosaur to be a protector for the forces of good. Play with your friends and explore the extensive lore and endless adventure in the magical land beneath.

In Neosaurs, you start as a small neosaur, you can customize it a bit, like color or eye shape, and when you get to level 10 you may evolve into one of three choices, each with different and special skills. In the way you have to do quests, which will give you experience to level up, you will also learn special skills, train them and level them up.


Tutorial and gameplay videos

Additional resources:

Official game guideOfficial ForumFacebook Official Page

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