Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes is a free-to-play role playing Facebook game with strategy elements set in a world of Greek mythology.It can be seen as an entry-level MMORPG with all the basic features of hardcore role playing games, but yet simple and with a story to follow that might be appreciated by more casual players, in the case of social games universe.

Mythic Heroes is a mix of 2 genres, a role playing game centered in your hero, with equipment, armor and items, crafting and equipment upgrades,  and city and army managements where there is an whole empire to run, centered on your home city, you need to manage, upgrade and balance the growth of your army and resources to be able to provide stable supplies to expand.

You start the game with a destroyed Argos, there is a lot to do, like rebuild the town to its former glory, this is done by upgrading several building types, the main being the Town Hall, where you collect taxes, but others are also important, each with a specific function.

First, you’ll need to become stronger, train your heroes, upgrade and forge powerful equipment, and develop superior tactics and combat technologies. You can also recruit great mythic heroes such as Hercules, Perseus, the Argonauts and many others to fight alongside you! Together, you’ll be able to reach the underworld and face Hades in a final showdown!

Mythic Heroes videos

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