MapleStory Adventures

Maplestory Adventures is a 2D MMORPG by Nexon, the adaptation of the widely played MapleStory  for Facebook, and it brings a whole new story to play!

MapleStory Adventures opens a whole new chapter for Maple World on Facebook. Gather your friends, forge your alliances, and explore a fantastic universe for forgotten treasures and lost realms that never fail to surprise and awe even experienced adventurers!

From the mushroom town of Henesys to the deadly sewers of Kerning City, walk your own road, create your own character, and write your own MapleStory Adventures!


  • Choose between 2 classes, Warrior or Magician;
  • Invite and hired your friends to play with you;
  • Lots of weapons and equipments;
  • Crafting;

MapleStory Adventures gameplay Videos

Links: Official GuideFacebook

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