Legacy of the Dragons

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is a free-to-play, award winning fantasy browser-based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) anyone can play without any extra installation hassle!

Pick a side in an eternal battle between the Human race and the nation of Magmars in the world of Faeo. Customize your character with powerful weapons and armor sets depending on your class. There are hundreds of epic quests, unique locations and vivid characters, vast dungeons filled with thousands of collectible items and useful resources to gather.

Form a clan or a party and experience awesome boss battles, engage in massive 500 vs 500 Player versus Player clash events brought to you via a fully animated asynchronous dynamic combat system. Tame your own Tiger or Zorb and summon it as a personal guard.

Hone your skills and become a renowned master of the profession of your choice. Learn battle magic spells and deadly combos to stun or vaporize your enemies. Master the lore of the Dragons and become a Legend!


Several PVP modes

Duel:  One-on-one combat. Issue a challenge indicating the level of the desired opponent, set the timeout  and wait for someone to accept. Review the challenge and start the battle.

Group battle:  Build a team, announce your challenge to the rivals and wait for the battle to commence.

Melee:  Once you have accepted a challenge to a melee, you will be placed on a list with all the other challengers. The list will then be automatically divided into two teams and the fighting will begin.


For those of you who like to engage brains rather than just swords, Legend is full of quests and puzzles to solve. With hundreds of characters to be found all over Faeo in need of a brave warrior to help them, you will have a chance to take fascinating tasks of great importance and will be greatly rewarded for various services. Your actions and decisions will have a notable effect on your progress in the game.

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